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The Big Beer is trying to catch up with the new trends created by the independent craft brewers. By no means are they in the frontline of the trendsetters, but rather following the footsteps of the smaller breweries.

Olvi is one of the last independent macro breweries in Finland, others having been bought out by international giants like AB Inbev and Carlsberg. Their roots go all the way back to the 1800s. Back then they were brewing sahti and mead, but since then they have been focusing on lagers. That still remains valid, however since their launch of Olvi IPA and APA in 2015 to compete with the increasing popularity of those of craft breweries. Those releases were very popular and came here to stay, bringing these beer styles to a bigger audience in Finland. In the last five years, they have experimented with quite a few different beer styles. These include, but not limited to, Cream Ale, Scotch Ale and a couple different Christmas beers.

The latest attention to their experimental lineup is a duo of lager beers. Those are the Daring Daughter Brut Lager and Tropical Lager. They have given a chance for their brewmaster, the daughter of their former Senior Brewmaster, to get her own experimental beer series ”Daring Daughter”. ”Silja, (however,) thought that there could be a different yeast for every beer”, the description says on Olvi’s product page. Apparently we will be seeing various different styles in the ”Daring Daughter”-series.

Daring Daugter Brut Lager

Most likely inspired by the Brut IPA trend of last year, at Olvi they wanted to experiment with a Brut Lager, dry-hopped with Crystal.


The beer pours in with an impressive white head for a pale lager, although it disappears quickly. The color of the body is what you would expect from a lager, very pale, and almost transparent. It is said to be unfiltered and unpasteurized, but only the slightest amount of haziness is evident in the appearance of this beer.


On the aroma, the hops do their job to hide the lager’s typical maltiness. Pleasant fruitiness and floral aromas are apparent and behind them, you can sense the malty backbone.

Taste & Mouthfeel

The flavor starts off like an amped-up lager, almost like a hoppy pilsner. The malty backbone is present, but complemented by a good amount of hoppiness that quickly goes from providing fruity and floral taste to giving the promised sense of dryness, that can be felt in the cheeks and the back of the mouth for a good time after swallowing the beer. Of its mouthfeel it’s a crisp, fairly carbonated, somewhat light, summer-chugger. It’s a bit on the watery side and there’s a hint of metallic taste.

Daring Daughter Tropical Lager

While Tropical Lagers are not exactly a new sight on the global markets, in Finland there has not been many so far. That might have something to do with our barely sunny summer that lasts for only a few weeks. But beer always sells in this country, regardless of the time of the year and as more people shift away from regular pale lagers, but yet want a refreshing summer beer, ”new” ideas are welcome. Therefore it isn’t hard to see why Olvi came up with their Daring Daughter Tropical Lager.


The appearance is on the darker side of what you would expect from a Pale Lager, almost amber-colored. This one actually looks unfiltered, unlike its sibling. The white head is similar to the Brut Lager in size and duration.


On the nose, sweet tropical fruits kick in and malt in the backend. The fruitiness still feels quite artificial, even if I wouldn’t know better, I would never guess real fruits have been used in this based on the aroma.

Taste & Mouthfeel

The artifical fruits keep their presence in the taste, having much teased the drinker in the aroma first. While unable to put my finger on the exact fruits I sense in this beer, I could swear they infused it those hard fruit bubble gum balls. That’s exactly what kind of fruitiness it is. Some typical maltiness as the backbone. Good levels of carbonation and a light body make this another refreshing drink for a hot summer day.

Final Thoughts & Review

Overall this duo is a good value of their price-to-quality ratio. On a boiling hot summer day, whilst grilling some sausages on my cottage’s backyard butt-naked, suffering from the insane heat that I predict for this summer, these beers would be very enjoyable drink ice cold.

I am curious to see what Olvi’s Silja comes up with next in the Daring Daughter-series.

Rating: N/A

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