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Pours in to the glass with a generous, foamy white head that slowly makes it way down, allowing me to pour in the rest of the beer. The color is golden, only slightly hazy before I wash all the unfiltered goodness into the glass from the bottom of the bottle, making the appearance almost opaque, barely letting any light bleed through.


The aroma hits you with a load of spruce tips, with a nice herbal hoppiness and biscuity malts present after surprisingly strong spruce notes have passed. There is a sweet aspect to the aroma, maybe caramel or toffee.

Body & Mouthfeel

On the first sip the soft foam lacing on top of the beer caresses your lips for a split second, before the semi-thick liquid pours in to your mouth. The generous carbonation pushes the beer around the mouth and it feels like your cheeks get filled with soft foam, that slowly disappears and finally reveals the flavor. Those two seconds that the carbonation is doing its job and makes the waiting of the flavor to begin feel like forever. After having you wrapped around its finger for a short moment, the action begins.

Sure, they obviously said it has spruce tips in it. It’s named ”Spruce Lee.” But I never expected quite this much of it! The green goodness, extracted from those trees also known as Christmas trees at a certain time of the year, is strongly present and hits your palate like Bruce Lee jumpkicks a bad guy in his classic movies. A good amount of somewhat bitter herbal hops balanced by sweet biscuity malts. Light notes of sweet fruit bubblegum and toffee finishes in the aftertaste finish off this interesting beer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a fascinating experiment and the spruce tips go well with a saison. It’s an enjoyable experience and an easy-drinking beer, despite not being the most suitable pick on a terrace a hot summer day.

Rating: 3,7/5

Claudio Lintunen

Just another beer enthusiast from the Northern side of the globe. In addition to running this awesome blog and drinking beer, I do lots of other stuff too, that you can get familiarized with on the About Me page!

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