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CoolHead already has quite an impressive portfolio of hazy IPAs behind them and the list keeps getting longer.

Visiting my grandma, who happens to live near the brewery, is always a good excuse to visit CoolHead and fill up my fridge with some tasty brews. This time she actually took me there with a taxi, for which the city sponsors her a certain amount of almost-free trips per month, as she had some of those trips left and time was running out. The facial expressions of the taxi driver were worthy of seeing as I guided her to the first brewery, went shopping, and put a bag of beer in the trunk. Let alone, when she asked if we would go home now, but instead, I asked her to drive around the corner to another brewery (Maku Brewing) and repeated the steps above.

Too bad CoolHead is going to move Helsinki this year.


Pours with a controlled, beautiful one to two-finger head, which disappears shortly after. The liquid itself is opaque, golden yellow or light amber. It looks so much like juice, that I bet a kid would drink it if you were to leave it on the table unattended. Please don’t.


Upon pouring is so aromatic that even with a stuffy nose I could smell it from a few meters away. However, it seems like that’s only a temporary special effect since soon you can barely get the aroma with your nose halfway into the beer. Pleasant and fresh tropical fruits are controlling the aroma, but there are noticeable notes of grapefruit and herbs, too.

Taste & Mouthfeel

The beer slides in to the mouth effortlessly, posessing a soft, even creamy, smooth body. Thus it is not surprising to find out from the side of the can that they’ve added oats in to make up the body.

In the taste, the tropical fruits that the aroma promised are strongly present. Pineapple, ripe mango, grapefruit, and blood orange (are grapefruit and blood orange counted as tropical fruits?). In the aftertaste, there are subtle herbal notes to be detected as well. Pleasantly complementing this symphony of hops is a biscuit-malty backbone.

There is a slight symbiosis of hop and alcohol burn in the throat when swallowing. After the beer is in a better place, a gentle bitterness is left in the cheeks while the grapefruit and bloody orange keep waltzing around the tastebuds for a long while.

Review & Comments

Just another great hazy IPA, this time Double, from the guys at CoolHead Brew. Overall the beer was easy-drinking for its strength, free of off-flavors, tasty and even refreshing, so there isn’t much room to talk bad about it.

I would’ve only wished for some more taste and perhaps just a bit stronger carbonation for it to get closer to the prestigous five-out-of-five rating.

Rating: 4/5

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