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Triple IPAs, one of the most hyped beer styles of 2020 at least here in Finland, are aligned with my taste, too. Thus, when ordering some treats from Buxton at the end of last year, I couldn’t help but pick up their execution of this hop juice. It has been sitting in my fridge for a while now, waiting for the optimal moment to be drunken.

This evening, having just returned from an experience-full, yet exhausting, culture trip to Jyväskylä (guide out soon), called for something a bit stronger, yet refreshing.

I must point out that I love Buxton’s decision to pack this strong brew into a 330ml can, instead of a 440ml or even bigger, as I find those a bit big. I honestly don’t know at which point breweries started to can their heavier drinks into bigger cans, while at the same time the call for sessionable and even non-alcoholic beers keeps rising.


Pours into an IPA-glass with a controlled foam. The beers builds a two-finger white head on top of the hazy, almost opaque, golden body. Rocking the beer back and forth in the glass, the tiny carbonation bubbles chase the head of the beer beautifully.


In the aroma, there are distinct floral and herbal notes along with the classic tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, even hints of coconut. At the backend can sweet biscuity malts be detected.

Overall it’s a very aromatic, and pleasantly so, brew.

Taste & Mouthfeel

The mouthfeel, even if not unlike what you would expect from a 10% beer, surprises. This might just be one of the thickest IPAs I’ve ever had. The carbonation is barely noticeable but is just enough to lighten the thick body and make it the pleasant easy-drinking experience it is.

In the taste, there are sweet biscuity malts and tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, a little bit of coconut water. Somewhere around the ”midpoint” of the tasting experience can hints of vanilla be perceived, while closer to the end are light herbal notes.

Grapefruit and blood orange finish the experience before leaving the mouth to recover from the bitterness and left in the cheeks. It’s like all the flavor suddenly slides down the throat from the tongue, leaving only a cheek-pinching bitterness and slight dryness on the tongue behind it.

Review & Final Thoughts

Overall the bitterness and sweetness are well balanced and the beer is very drinkable for a 10% ABV drink, with barely any alcohol burn.

Buxton has yet to disappoint me and this is just another great beer from them. Perhaps I would’ve wished for some more flavor and a longer aftertaste. Some additional crispiness wouldn’t hurt either.

All in all, Chip Shop Brawl is a top-notch Triple IPA and I’d be happy to taste it again at some point.


Buxton brewery – chip shop brawl
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