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Evil Twin, one of the more internationally recognized modern American breweries, has not made the increasingly long list very many times over the years, but that changed recently when some of their treats made their way to selected bars here in Finland.

Normally not being a huge fan of sours, these ”smoothie sours”, as I like to call them, such as Trillium’s Twice the Daily Serving, are an exception.

Having a friend over, who has always been determined that she doesn’t like beer, I saw the perfect opportunity to prove her wrong by cracking open this beauty. And oh, was she surprised and confused about it.


Strong vibes of berry smoothie/sorbet, New York cheesecake and cocoa hit the nose from far away when pouring the beer. Sniffing closer, are vanilla ice cream and coconut flakes present.


Pours with a one-finger white head on top of the beetroot-colored body. Slightly hazy before pouring in all the fruity goodness, making the beer completely opaque. Looks like a smoothie.

Taste & mouthfeel

Mouthfeel is incredibly smooth and soft. The body is semi-thick, lightened by low carbonation that gently tickles the tongue as it fills the mouth.

There is a lot going on in the flavor. It’s hard to pick up every flavor that dances on the tongue. As the aroma suggests, there are strong tastes of raspberry and berry sorbet. Slight bitterness from the berries (raspberry) balances the pleasant sweetness of vanilla ice cream and cheesecake.

There is a long aftertaste of berry sorbet and bitter berries.

Review & Final Thoughts

This is one of those beers that makes you wonder where the limits of calling a malt-based, fermented alcoholic drink beer, go. The imaginative combination of fruit, berries, and spices seems crazy and the beer indeed is crazy, but that’s the beauty of it. For the purists, who appreciate clean flavors and want to sense the malts and hops, this would be a nightmare, but for those seeking something boundary-breaking, new and innovative, this will do the trick.

For an inexperienced taster, such as my friend, this doesn’t smell, look nor taste like a beer, but rather an alcoholic smoothie. She still loved it and so did I.

This beer is a must-try – if not for the enjoyment, for the experience.


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