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Other Half (US) | Baby Diamonds 5,5% | DDH IPA


Hazy, opaque, golden yellow, some light bleeding through the bottom of the glass. Pours smoothly, creating a controlled dense white head that disappears quickly. Some sediment from the can remains at the bottom of the glass.


Fresh pineapple, grapefruit, piney, hoppy, some biscuity malts can also be detected in the otherwise hop-forward aroma.


The body of this beer is one of the smoothest and softest I’ve ever experienced in a beer of 5,5% ABV! Immediately upon sliding through the lips, the gently sparkling carbonation starts to do its magic in the mouth and eventually releases more of the flavor for the tastebuds to enjoy. Incredible!


The white grapefruit from the aroma is strongly present in the initial taste. Soon, some citrusy and even slightly herbal notes start to unfold. Once swallowed, the beer leaves a nice hop burn in the top of the throat and a pleasant biscuit-malty taste is left in the mouth with a dry finish, while the throat is still trying to recover from the hop-bomb it just had.


This is the second beer I’ve ever had from Other Half, and after hearing a lot of good about them and seeing the hype around this brewery, my expectations were high for this beer. And the 10€ price tag at the local supermarket also made me wish it’s worth the money.

Well was it? Yes and no. Would I buy this 5,5% DDH Pale Ale for 10€ straight from the brewery? No.
Would I buy it again from the distributor here in Finland? Probably not. It’s a terrific beer, and it’s understandable that the fees for shipping these from the US to Finland do add up and every hand in the process needs to make a profit. But I wouldn’t buy the same beer for 10€ anymore when the shelves are full of good stuff (for a lower price) to be discovered.

Other Half – Baby Diamonds DDH Pale Ale | Rating: 8/10

Note: This review is from November 2020, not August 2021. The current batch might be somewhat different.

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